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Recommended Reading

diamond.gif LewRockwell.Com

diamond.gif Democracy, Birds, And Snails by Fred Reed

diamond.gif Bastiat and "Organised Plunder," by Joe Sobran

diamond.gif War, Peace, and the State, by Murray Rothbard

diamond.gif The Myth of Republican Conservatism, by Lawrence M. Vance

diamond.gif Frank S. Meyer: The Fusionist as Libertarian Manqué, by Murray N. Rothbard [PDF]

diamond.gif The Reluctant Anarchist,
by Joseph Sobran

diamond.gif Where, Exactly, is the Southern Tradition These Days?, by Gary North

diamond.gif This Ain't No Fifth-Century Athens, by Fred Reed

diamond.gif The Invisible Hand Is A Gentle Hand, by Sharon Harris

diamond.gif How Tyranny Came To America, by Joe Sobran

diamond.gif You Might Be A Fascist, by Russell Madden

diamond.gif The Pigs of the Okeefenokee Swamp, by George Gordon

diamond.gif Our Anti-Imperialist Heritage, by Murray Rothbard


icon A New Freedom Constitution for Alabama new
John Martin on improving Alabama's constitution (not the usual suggestions for more "flexibility" in raising taxes).

icon Free Speech or "Hate Speech"?
Pat Samples on the suppression of free speech in the name of Political Correctness.

icon Jefferson Davis on the Constitution [PDF]
An extract from Jefferson Davis's "Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government." Available for the first time on the web. New foreword by Dan Bowden. [PDF file, 5 MB]

icon The Duty of a Legislator
John Martin on why few of our legislators measure up.

icon Starving the Beast [PDF]
Why a cherished small-government strategy is likely to backfire. Paper by Dan Bowden.

icon Libertarianism Vindicated
Dan Bowden explains why libertarianism and Marxism are not based upon similar philosophical foundations. See the cross-posting of this article at Southern Events.

icon Liberty A-Z
A review of Harry Browne's new book by Bill Winter.

icon Richard Shelby,
Gun Grabber

How can the NRA support a gun-grabber? Article by D.V. Bowden.

icon 14 Cost Cutting Ideas for Alabama Government
Interesting ideas from guest writer J. Elbert Peters.

icon Is Roy Moore Really Representing Religious Freedom?
An article by guest writer Griffin Powell.

icon The Flag of the Southern People
Pat Samples on Southern flags and symbolism.

icon Enforcing Traffic Laws
Would it be so bad if the cops stayed in the donut shops? Article by John Martin.

icon Police Helicopter
Tuscaloosa is under surveillance by the eye in the sky. Article by D.V. Bowden

icon Advice for the Atkins Dieter
Atkins works, says Dan Bowden. The real villians are carbs and trans-fats.

icon Justice for Marta
Stephen Gordon on the Marta Alonzo case.

icon Crazy In Tuscaloosa
A good citizen in Tuscaloosa runs afoul of the regulatory state. Article by Dan Bowden.

icon Athena Raped in Alabama
Stephen Gordon on censorship at the University of Alabama.

icon Need A Job? Try A Job Auction!
John Martin on dealing with unemployment in a tough economy.

icon It's Time for REAL Reform!
This is the kind of reform we really need, but don't hold your breath waiting for the legislature to enact this agenda. Article by Dan Bowden.

icon Sweet Home Alabama
Short but funny story from an anonymous source.

icon Minority Report
Your driver's license is a threat to your privacy--and the future looks even worse. Article by Dan Bowden.

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Tuscaloosa League of the South

“The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.”

H.L. Mencken

“To withhold the truth because you're worried about the reaction of the weakest, stupidest, or most ignorant or corrupt among us -- especially when that truth is exactly what we need to set us free -- would be an act of cowardice or insanity. It would mean that we deserve to be where we are now instead of where we aspire to be. It would be the act of a slave.”

L. Neil Smith

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Links of Interest

LewRockwell.Com  The epicentre of the paleo-earthquake that's shaking the neo-con world.
Strike The Root  Market anarchists striking the root of the state.
Libertarian Party
Libertarian Party of Alabama
Future of Freedom Foundation
Free State Project  All aboard for New Hampshire!
Advocates for Self-Government    Developers and promoters of libertarian outreach materials, including the World's Smallest Political Quiz.
LysanderSpooner.Org  Prof. Randy Barnett's site about the great 19th Century libertarian and author of No Treason.
Liberty For All  Online magazine focusing on liberty.
Students for a Libertarian Society
Bureaucrash  Guerilla student activism for liberty.
The Memory Hole  Unusual collection of hard-to-find works.


Aw Shucks!
Dixie Daily News  Ron Holland's libertarian/southern news site. Highly recommended!
League of the South  Southern nationalism is still alive despite the best efforts of the Yankees.
Alabama League of the South   Homepage of the state LS organisation in Alabama.
Sons of Confederate Veterans   Dedicated to preserving the memory and honour of our Confederate ancestors.
Southern Events  The journal of the Alabama League of the South, now online. An excellent publication.
Tuscaloosa League of the South


Alabama Newspapers FreeAlabama.Com's directory of online Alabama newspapers.
Up-Front News  Alternative news for Alabama--things you won't hear about from the liberal media!
AntiWar.Com  Daily links to news from around the world and original columns by libertarian writers.
Sierra Times  Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Confederates, AND Survivalists. What's not to like?
World Net Daily  Still a good source of news, despite the warmongering, support-Israel-at-any-cost attitude.
Ether Zone


Fred Reed  Fred's "diseased ranting" is always interesting.
Joe Bob Briggs  The former host of TNT's "MonsterVision" also writes on serious subjects.
Vin Suprynowicz  Hard-core libertarian stuff. Jack-booted thugs beware.
Dave Barry  Seems like the Miami Herald's humour columnist is under constant siege by weird Florida critters.
Harry Browne  Former two-time LP presidential candidate who has taken a lot of heat for opposing the Iraq War. His positions are right-on.
L. Neil Smith  Non-fiction essays by the libertarian sci-fi writer. If you don't believe "El Neil" is hardcore, watch The Atlanta Declaration (Flash presentation).
Karen DeCoster  Libertarian blogger.
Jacob Hornberger  President of the Future of Freedom Foundation.
Gary North  On gold, advertising, and economics, North is hard to beat.
Andy Rooney  What annoys CBS's curmudgeon-in-residence? Just about everything and everyone.

Too Good To Miss

USGS Aerial photography  Zoom in on aerial photos of any part of the country.
Liberty Library  Dozens of hard-to-find classics on liberty and political philosophy, all online.


National Motorists Association  An organisation concerned about the rights of motorists.
The Roadblock Registry  Find out where the roadblocks are or report them. To learn how to handle the traffic Gestapo, see here.
Greasel  Run your diesel engine on free used vegetable oil from local restaurants. Slick!
Frantz Oil Filter  Never have to change your oil again.
Rokon  This company makes several very-cool two-wheel drive motorcyles. Perhaps the ultimate ATV?
Maximog  On the other end of the size spectrum, check out the Maximog--perhaps the ultimate SUV. I really like the optional jet boat and unmanned aerial drone!
Ranch Hand  This company makes the ultimate in pickup-truck bumpers.
Universal Hovercraft  Roads? We don't need no stinking roads! Wow! This reminds me of the Rev. Horton Heat song "Bales of Cocaine" with it's lyrics, "I'm going back to Texas in a low-flyin' plane." They don't get much lower than this!


Dr. IQ  Don Siebold's site is the top promoter of Initiative and Referendum legislation for Alabama.
Pickett's History of Alabama
DBTech Lightning Watch  Track lightning strikes across Alabama.
The Wetumpka Meteor Crater
80 million years ago, Wetumpka received the equivalent of a 10 megaton nuclear blast.
Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
This is an interesting place to visit, and you can ride two trains!
No New Taxes For Alabama
Russ & Dee   Russ and Dee Fine are conservative radio talk-show hosts in Birmingham, and were instrumental in defeating Bob Riley's 2003 tax hike.
Alabamians For Real Reform
Libertarian Party of Alabama
Alabama Policy Institute
Joe Wheeler Plantation
Politics Alabama


Computer Geeks  Great prices on new and factory-refurbished computers and electronics.
ZoneAlarm  You need this free firewall program, especially if you have an always-on cable or DSL connection.
Ad-Aware  This free program will clean spyware off your system. Use it regularly.
Eudora  Web-based e-mail is safest, but if you must use POP3, use Eudora instead of Outlook, which is responsible for spreading most e-mail viruses. OpenOffice.Org  This free program gives you all the same programs and functionality as MicroSoft Office, and saves you a ton of money.
Firefox  This browser is an excellent alternative to MicroSoft Internet Explorer. It includes pop-up blocker and ad-blocking features, and the tabbed browsing feature makes opening and reading multiple pages much more efficient. A number of useful extensions are available to add features, allowing you to customise the browser to your exact needs.
Google Toolbar  The "highlight" feature is terrific, and it does a great job of blocking pop-up ads (while allowing windows to open when you click on something)! Also available for Firefox on the extensions page.


What Has Government Done To Our Money?  You won't know until you've read this classic by Murray Rothbard. This is what led me to become a libertarian.
Ludwig von Mises Institute  HQ of the Austrian school of economics, located in Auburn, Alabama.
NORFED  Free-market money, backed by silver.
The Grandfather Economic Report

Real Estate Resources

Bob Bruss is a nationally-syndicated RE writer.

Washington Post Real Estate RSS feed, featuring Bob Bruss mailbag column.

Lifestyle Mortgage is an Alabama company based in Northport. Contact Ryan Epper for your mortgage needs.

John Schaub publishes an excellent book on investing in single-family homes.

“The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it.”

Joseph Conrad

“It will not be enemies at the gates who overwhelm the American empire. It will be the army of politically armed economic dependents inside the gates. Granny will bring it down. If you want a mental picture image of the end of American empire, imagine a man dressed in uniform, holding an automatic rifle, being pelted mercilessly by an old lady who is beating him over the head with her handbag.”

Gary North

If in doubt, just ask:
"What Would Rothbard Do?"

What Would Rothbard Do?


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