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The Flag

Republic of Alabama flag
The Republic of Alabama Flag

This is the Republic of Alabama (ROA) flag. It is an original design created for the future, independent Republic of Alabama that we at FreeAlabama.Com hope to bring into being. The ROA flag is also the official symbol of FreeAlabama.Com. The flag is composed of elements of the current State of Alabama flag as well as the Bonnie Blue flag. The flag of the State of Texas shows similar influences.

The Bonnie Blue flag is composed of a white star centered on a blue field. It has been used in both Texas and Louisiana and is widely recognised as a symbol of independence. Many Confederate units from Texas and Louisiana carried the Bonnie Blue during the War for Southern Independence. Prior to the War, the short-lived Republic of West Florida used this design as its flag.

The State of Alabama flag is composed of a red St. Andrew's cross (the red version also known as St. Patrick's cross) on a field of white, and was adopted in 1895. The St. Andrews cross recalls Alabama's Confederate and Christian heritage, while the colors red and white, which have been associated with the right of secession in American flags since colonial times, recall that secession is a vital right and defense against tyranny.

We do not yet have ROA flags available for purchase, but information will be posted here when we do.

Bonnie Blue flag
Bonnie Blue
State of Alabama flag
State of Texas flag